In addition to our recreational classes we also offer competitive dance.  This year we have 6 teams ranging in age from 7-16.  The CSAD Competitive Teams travel all over the Midwest, compete in various styles of dance, and hold several National Titles.  We hold these students to a higher standard and have been very impressed with their hard work and commitment to dance.

















💗We were awarded TOP STUDIO💗

🖤Gaga Production 

4⭐World,  1st Overall Teen Division, and recipient of the Golden 1st Class Ticket to Nationals *worth $1,000!!*


💎Gabby H  5⭐World, 3rd Overall 

💎Mya G  5⭐World, 3rd Overall and recipient of the Ambition Convention Scholarship 

💎Marina L  5⭐World for BOTH Solos, 4th Overall for "Creep", and recipient of the WCTE Dance Co. Invite to perform the opening #

💎Emalyn S  4⭐World

💎Ashton G  6⭐World for BOTH Solos, 1st Overall Senior Division for "Roman's Revenge", recipient of the Ambition Convention Scholarship, the WCTE  Dance Co Invite to perform the opening #, and the Hollywood Dance Experience Scholarship 

💎Phoebe P  5⭐World, 5th Overall Senior Division 

💎Olivia B  5⭐World, 3rd Overall Senior Division


💎Keaton & Campbell  4⭐World, 5th Overall Teen Division 

💎Abbey & Allie  4⭐World 

💎Emalyn & Josie  4⭐World 

💎Allie & Allisyn  4⭐World 

💎Ashton & Olivia  5⭐World, 1st Overall Senior Division


💎This Will Be  5⭐World, 2nd Overall Jr. Division, and the special Judge's award for Outstanding Staging 

💎Birches  5⭐World,  3rd Overall Teen Division 

💎Hallelujah  5⭐World, 1st Overall Teen Division


💎Hit the Road Jack  5⭐World 

💎Slumber Party  5⭐World, 1st Overall Petite Division, and the special "SASSY MOMMAS" Judge's award

💎Zero To Hero  4⭐World, 1st Overall Jr. Small Group Division 

💎Circle Of Life  4⭐World, 1st Overall Jr. Large Group Division 

💎Shatter Me  4⭐World

💎Yellow Brick Runway  5⭐World, 5th Overall Teen Small Group Division, and the special Judge's "Life Of The Show" award 

💎Stand By Me  4⭐World, 8th Overall Teen Small Group Division,  and recipient of the Outstanding Choreography Award    

💎Stone  4⭐World 

💎Sail  4⭐World 

💎Never Is A Promise  5⭐World, 4th Overall Senior Small Group Division 

💎Sanctified  5⭐World, 3rd Overall Teen Small Group Division 

💎No Joke  5⭐World, 2nd Overall Teen Small Group Division 

💎Devil Went Down To Georgia  5⭐World, 6th Overall Teen Small Group Division 

MARCH, 2018



💎The Team received the Starzmanship Award!

(For being kind to each other, other studios, and the competition staff)


💎Gabby H~Platinum, Category Winner and 1st Overall

💎Emalyn~High Gold

💎Mya~Platinum, Category Winner, 2nd Overall, Phenomenal Focus Award, Standout Dancer and 5TH OVERALL FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND (426 DANCES)!


*Contemporary Solo~Platinum, Category Winner, 5th Overall and Standout Dancer 

*Jazz Solo~Platinum and Category Winner


*Hip Hop Solo~Platinum, Category Winner, 4th Overall, He's Got It Award, and Standout Dancer 

*Open Solo~Platinum 

💎Quincy~High Gold, 5th in Category 💎Phoebe~High Gold

💎Olivia~High Gold, Category Winner, and Standout Dancer


💎Dance With Someone~High Gold

💎Imagine~High Gold

💎There For You~High Gold and 5th Overall 

💎Diamonds~High Gold

💎Where They From~Platinum and 2nd Overall


💎This Will Be~Platinum and the Character Commitment Award

💎Birches~High Gold, 2nd in Category and 4th Overall 

💎Hallelujah~High Gold and 2nd in Category


💎Slumber Party~High Gold and 3rd Overall 

💎Hit The Road Jack~High Gold, Energy Award, and 4th Overall 

💎Zero To Hero~High Gold

💎Circle Of Life~High Gold

💎Shatter Me~High Gold

💎Yellow Brick Runway~Platinum, 2nd in Category, and 5th Overall 

💎Stand By Me~High Gold

💎Stone~Gold and 2nd in Category 


💎Never Is A Promise~High Gold, Category Winner, and 3rd Overall 

💎Devil Went Down To Georgia~High Gold and Category Winner 

💎Sanctified~Platinum, Category Winner, and 2nd Overall 

💎No Joke~High Gold, Category Winner, and 5th Overall


💎Gaga~Platinum, Category Winner, and 1st Overall

April, 2018



We won the Studio of Excellence Award

Quincy, Mya and Marina also received the the Triple Crown Award for their Solos!


💎Gabby H~Diamond, 1st Overall, and was the Spotlight Cut Above Winner
💎Emalyn~Ruby and the Judge's Flowed Like Water Award
*Contemporary Solo~Ruby and the Spotlight Choreography Award
*Jazz Solo~Ruby and the Judge's 100% Potential Award
*Hip Hop Solo~Diamond, 1st Overall, the Spotlight Entertainment Award, and Mr. Spotlight Title Winner
*Open Solo~Ruby

💎Dance With Someone~Diamond, 2nd Overall, and the Judge's Beautiful Lines Award
💎There For You~Ruby and the Spotlight Costume Award

💎This Will Be~Diamond and 1st Overall
💎Hallelujah~Ruby and 1st Overall

💎Slumber Party~Diamond, 1st Overall, and the whole group received a Broadway Dance Dreams Scholarship
💎Hit The Road Jack~Ruby and the Judge's Sassafras Award
💎Zero To Hero~Ruby
💎Circle Of Life~Ruby
💎Shatter Me~Emerald
💎Yellow Brick Runway~Diamond and 2nd Overall
💎Stand By Me~Ruby
💎Never Is A Promise~Ruby, Category Winner, and 2nd Overall
💎Devil Went Down To Georgia~Emerald and the Industry Dance Award
💎Sanctified~Diamond, Category Winner, and the Spotlight Technical Skill Award
💎No Joke~Ruby


May, 2018



💎Gabby H~Double Platinum, 3rd Overall, Hip Hop Diva Award, & **Most Entertaining for the WHOLE Day on Friday
💎Emalyn~High Gold
💎Mya~Platinum and 13th Overall
*Contemporary Solo~Platinum
*Jazz Solo~Platinum and 19th Overall
💎Phoebe~Platinum and received the Fusion Dance Camp Scholarship
💎Olivia~Double Platinum and 2nd Overall

💎Dance With Someone~Platinum and 10th Overall
💎There For You~Platinum
💎Where They From~Double Platinum and 1st Overall

💎This Will Be~Double Platinum and awarded BEST CHOREOGRAPHY of the day on Saturday

💎Slumber Party~Platinum and 3rd Overall
💎Hit The Road Jack~Double Platinum and 2nd Overall
💎Zero To Hero~Platinum
💎Circle Of Life~Platinum
💎Shatter Me~Platinum
💎Yellow Brick Runway~Platinum and the Diva's of OZ Award
💎Stand By Me~Platinum
💎Stone~High Gold
💎Never Is A Promise~Platinum and 2nd Overall
💎Devil Went Down To Georgia~Platinum
💎Sanctified~Double Platinum
💎No Joke~Double Platinum and 2nd Overall

💎Gaga~Platinum, 1st Overall, The Gagatastic Award, and all Dancers received the New York Dance Experience Scholarship